"Curiouser and Curiouser..."

My name is Emily Alistair I'm 23 and I'm a part time student studying social anthropology. I deal in various types of information and reserve the right to deny clients service if the nature of the job is not to my liking. Proposals will be evaluated case by case. I ask questions just for the sake of knowing the answer. I also help my flatmate solve crimes. Touch my notebook and I'll make you wish you'd never learned to read. Current residence- 221b. Baker Street
((OOC: Emily is an OC created to interact with BBC Sherlock RP's but she'll talk to anyone, so long as they're relatively friendly.
Potentially NSFW Also If I use an image that belongs to you and you would like me to take it down feel free to let me know))

Emily was walking somewhat aimlessly around the highest point of the abandoned building, moving silently, practicing careful dominion over her limbs which she had been working to bring under control of late. Nothing major, just improving her balance, quickness and lightness of foot. She leapt onto a railing where she could easily observe the door but from where she would be unseen by anyone walking in either Jim or her appointment. That was the reason she was in the place to begin with. Another dealer of information and an old acquaintance of hers was coming to drop off something she needed. This was one of their designating meeting places. The coffee ploy had merely been an attempt to keep herself busy while she waited, she hadn’t expected Jim to do much more than send her back a scathing comment. The fact the he was now on his way had surprised her but she smiled to herself. It shouldn’t interfere with her work at all and he was always tolerable fun.